Asking the Time in Español

Asking the time is Español

Asking the time is Spanish is important in order to know your schedule around school. 
Here are the simple ways of asking the time;

To ask the time, either say Que hora es?, Que hora son?, or Que hora tiene? 

To respond, either start off with "Son las," or "Es la"(If the time starts with a 1.)

Lets say it is 2:00

It would simply be "Son Las dos."

As for if it was 1:00, it would be "Es la una." 

If the time is not exact (15, 30, 45 or 55) say either "y cuarto(15)," "y menos cuarto(30)", or "menos cinco(55) after saying the time.

In order to also say if it is PM or AM, after saying the time, say either "De la mañana(Morning)," De la tarde(Afternoon), or "De la noche(Evening)

 in Español.

Here is a video of Josē waking up a sleeping student and having him ask what time it is.
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