Average Day of Venezuelan Boy

After completing this assignment, I realized that the average life of a 12 year old boy in Venezuela is much different from what my life was like when I was 12. For one most 12 year olds in Venezuela work in order to help provide for their family. When I was 12, working was the last thing on my mind. I also was surprised that in Venezuela, most schools began session at noon and ended around 6:00pm. I thought that this was interesting because the high kidnapping rate should have enforced school officials to change school hours. I expected to find that the kids would have some sort of labor once in throughout their day because I normally read about child labor in South America. I think that when a Venezuelan Boy is 40, he would have more work ethic because he began working at such a young age. That's the only thing that I believe will remain the same. 70% of college students in Venezuela will become the most wealthiest people in their country. 

Screen shot 2011-04-12 at 3.44.43 PM
Screen shot 2011-04-12 at 3.44.43 PM
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