Babies Having Babies

In this podcast is an interview with 16 year old Hezekiah White who has a 1 month old daughter. 
English BM

My definition of crossing boundaries is to go through a rough time or struggle to do something. Some factors of crossing boundaries is family, friends, relationship, race and gender. The causes and effects of crossing boundaries can either be good or bad. If your boundary is finance issues the cause would be you don’t have a job or your spending money too much. A good effect could be you get a job and get back to be financially stable. However a bad outcome could be you ignore the fact that you aren't financially and keep spending money you don’t have or not get a job and make the problem worse.

My crossing boundary was teen pregnancy. While I interviewed a did learn a little but I was previously very familiar with that topic. But some things I did learn from interviewing. I kinda knew it was hard to do and it made you grow up a lot faster. But when the interviewee talked about how his girlfriend and daughter lived with him it shocked me a little because he’s just a child and they’re living like a married couple and they didn’t even finish high school yet. Another was how when he got home from school the first thing he did was go take car of his baby. That scared me a little because It made me realize that his whole life had change and that he has to go straight home and when he gets home he cant sit down and relax and he has to do homework while holding a baby. 

While editing this some things were a little hard because I never used Audacity before and I kept scrolling the wrong way and I thought i lost my project about 12 times and because this is a benchmark I was beginning to stress but then I realized it was still there. The feedback from my peers was pretty good. I did agree with a lot of it and it helped me. 

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