Bean Buns

God I hate uniforms. School, sports, work, all of them. No matter what kind they are, they always make you feel like shit. And I’m wearing the worst kind right now; Military. Ugh, I don’t what’s worse, the skin tight under suit riding up your ass or the heaving armor weighing you down, but in the end I always feel so… confined. Anyways right now I’m stuck in vertical line formation between Tomoko and Ares, both half asleep just like me. I think every soldier is right now but I can’t tell because, again, i’m half asleep. We’re all waiting for our commander who thinks making us get up at the crack of dawn and standing in line waiting for him is good for us. And y’know what maybe it is. Maybe it will help us become better soldiers in the long run. Or better people in general. But I don’t care because Getting up in the morning is the worst thing ever.

All the 3 other soldier walk through our line formation and what do ya know it’s Commander Osamu. Or a just some big blobs that decide to walk around. Again i can’t tell because I’M HALF ASLEEP. Commander Osamu walks toward us to check if we’re all in position. Everyone is dead silent, because our Commander is basically godzilla reincarnated. I’m not even kidding he scares the shit out of me.

I see Tomoko falling asleep on my arm, so I nudge her.

“Bean buns… “ She says softly. She’s in the middle of a dream. I’m guessing it’s about bean buns. And food. And eating. Mmm… Bean buns.

Out of no where I feel a hard slap across my head.

“ Private Mizuki, and Tomoko! Wake up!” A male voice says. I open my eyes to find an angry looking Commander Osamu staring at us. Dammit I feel asleep. Both Tomoko and scrambled into position, with our backs straight and our arms behind us locked together. I look around, and see the other soldiers with their red snickering faces. Then I looked at Commander Osamu, who is staring at us with big dead eyes of distrust. When he does this, and he does it a lot, it’s like he’s trying to you figure out. The worst part is I think he does. It’s super creepy.

“Everyone Shut up!” He barks. Everyone then shut up. “How many times do I have to get you people to wake the hell up! I don’t care what excuse you have, I don’t care if it’s hard. Just stay awake and do what you’re told!” He then turns over to use so quickly, we don’t even have time to blink. “I want you two on patrol right now.” He said softly.

“ But, but...Bean Buns sir!” We blurt out. The struggle of hunger is real right now.

“Oh my god, just do it!” He says annoyed.

“Yessir” So Tomoko and I run off to patrol, wearing uncomfortable clothing, half asleep, and dreaming of bean buns.

To be continued...