Becoming ME! (Remastered) By Sean DeSilva


Receiving a lot of constructive criticism improved my perspective on how my slide should be presented. Before, I really did not know how to describe my slide to the audience. But now, having a better understanding of contrast, how colors can collide, catching someone's attention and the three dimensions to a slide made me feel more confident as I "remastered' my slide from its previous state. The point I wanted to get across when I was presenting my previous slide was not so clear and I wasn't able to explain it since I had to describe/explain my slide and not tell a story to the class. Since I re-visited my previous slide, I am confident that with the revision, I am able to explain to the audience my journey through the perspective of the slide. Throughout the critique, I learned that not all audiences want and or need bright colors to get their eye. Sometimes something as basic as a black and white picture can interest and grab the audience's attention. The main reason why I made these specific changes to my slide were to be able to present the slide in a clear and informative manner. With some font and color adjustments my slide is now ready and remastered!