Benchmark:History Of A Bill

  • I chose to do my benchmark on Defense Of Marriage Act, because i thought it was interesting and i wanted to know more about it. I chose Keynote because i think keynote is awesome but sometimes it crews you over because it can't be uploaded to some places such as so i had to screen shot the slides on my keynote and add it to google docs and make it into a presentation on there so that my teacher can see it, so of course i had to share it with her. If i had to do my benchmark over i would probably put less words, (i do not know if its to much words) because i have lots of wording in it and i think it looks smashed together, and i do not like my presentations with to much of information. When i first started researching my bill/law i noticed that the Defenses Of Marriage did have lots of problems, people had trouble with there lover because they couldn't marry the same race. I thought it was pretty hard doing because i didn't know exactly what to put on my keynote.