Benchmark Reflection

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Screen Shot 2011-11-02 at 3.50.26 PM
Screen Shot 2011-11-02 at 3.50.26 PM
  • How did you group go about making a decision for what to focus on for the project?
  • 11th grade Essential ? - What is the role of the individual in creating and sustaining change? 
  • How has your understanding of the electoral process and whether or not the US is a democracy evolved during this unit?
  • How did you decide to best relay a message to a national audience with your marketing campaign?

    The process of deciding what to focus on was an interesting one. My group just began discussing voter-ship and what we personally thought would affect it. We all had a different viewpoint so it was a bit of a challenge. My group originally wanted to make voting mandatory but two other groups were doing that. We went with "Weekend Voting" instead. 

    The role of the individual in creating change is singular. Most times two people have the same idea, but the role of the individual is the vital one. Being able to think up an idea, develop it, recognize its flaws and attempt to reason why it works better than another is how positive change comes about. Once that process has taken place within one's own mind does the idea lend itself to be shared and worked on with others. 

    Voting and how the US does it has never been something I thought about, honestly. This unit has forced me to think about some of the major flaws in the democratic system and just how they could be fixed. Before, I assumed everyone voted and was surprised to learn that was not the case. 

    For ours it was showing the flexibility of the voting. America's busy, so we used that as the campaigning piece. Have Time to Spend? Vote on the Weekend