Benchmark Reflection (Ryan Francis, Jason Davis, Tariq Smith)

​Our Video lives on this post:

For this benchmark, my group and I chose to cover the topic of freedom of speech through music censorship. The reason we chose this, because ach of us is involved in music some how some way. I personally write, produce and perform my music all over Philadelphia and in other places, so to me, I wanted to talk about something that was intertwined with something that is pretty precious to me. What I liked most about this project was the fact that I could take something that I love, and be as creative as I wanted with it. The fact that I could put my personal touches to the beats lyrics, and then produce the song myself made me feel like I was in control of the project, and I really felt as though I showed why I was passionate about the law of being able to free speak on my own accord. The hard part though was trying to find a creative way to use the C-Sband footage, but we found a way eventually. I really believe that my group worked hard, because we not only made a video, I originated the song for it myself, Jason and Tariq collaborated to finish the video as well, so it was like we put our minds together and used our talents to carry out this project. One thing I think I could have really improve on was incorporating more C-Spand footage, and instead of worrying about how creative we could get, actually approach the second half of the video academically. I still believe that our hard work had a nice product though. I didn't really have trouble coming up with the lyrics I and Jason wrote, because we both knew what we wanted to say, and how we'd get our points across. Another thing I did find challenging too though, was trying to go above and beyond the requirements to make the video engaging, and fun to watch. We didn't want a boring standard project. One of the most interesting things I learned during this project is that politics influences everything. Everything could be posed as a political matter, and there are laws for everything. Things we do in our everyday lives, although were aloud to freely speak, there are laws and rules in some case that we can't speak about. It's funny to me. If I could do it all again, I'd probably be more academic with it, and not as creative.