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Water for Elephants BY Sara Gruen
Emily, Shoy, Meeghan, Tony and Raymond

  • Recap and First impressions

    • impressions of the love triangle

    • Also impressions of old Jacob vs  young Jacob

    • The reason for Jacob going to the circus

    • First impression of camel and the rest of the circus

    • Prostitution

    • Impressions of auggies different sides or personalities

Pg 94 “he continues to stare into her face… Marlena’s eyes grow wide. She tries to step backward, but he catches her chin with his hand.

  • Literary Elements and techniques

    • Setting, plot, characterization, themes and conflicts

      • Takes place on the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth

      • Pg. 28 “you done jumped the FLying Squadron of the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth”

        • Conflict: Age, animal cruelty

  • Figurative Stuff

    • Symbols, language choices and motifs etc.

      • Irony was used a lot throughout the book to make light of intense situations. Examples consist of feeding Rex and Jacob meeting him for the first time. “He’s just a widdle kitty cat” pg. 85. Pg 111. “The sky the sky, the same as it always was” Pg. 115 “You should take it up, it’s good for your health”

      • Pg 13 Ghost haunting him

Rosie, and what she represents? Does her present represent something.”the elephant in the room?”

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