Benzini Bros Podcast @
​Marxist Lens
  • Performers vs. workers
  • relationship between workers and performers
  • relationship between workers
  • relationship between performers
  • Social societies
pg. 187: it's such a shame when a man is worth less then a beast
(context - tossing people off the train as it moves when they cannot pay them)
pg. 36-37: kinkers = performers
pg. 33: different sitting areas
pg. 249: What? How? Was there a Hey Rube?... A fight between us and them. Show folk and rubes.

Comments (4)

Thomas Conley (Student 2019)
Thomas Conley

I enjoy how intelligently each of you speaks about your interpretation of the book, and I think everyone does a good job of policing their voice and letting everyone speak.

David Roberts (Student 2019)
David Roberts

I like the addition of the background music. I can be easy to zone out and the music helped with that issue. Just in general, you guys are just fun to listen to and your thoughts on the book always make me think.