Bernie Sanders the EP by Sergei Mass and Micah Henry

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Press Release Info:

""Your Mother's Couch" based out of Philadelphia is happy to give to you their first EP "Bernie Sanders the EP". It features songs that touch on politics to the harsh lifestyle of being in Philadelphia in 2015. By buying this album, you are funding our beer and cigarette funds, so thank you to that. We promise to satisfy you or your money back. Just Kidding though, you are not getting your money back. Any ways enjoy the album!" - Your Mother's Couch

Cultural Fabric:

What is the meaning of life or finding one’s purpose in life is the base of this project. This overall cultural fabric relates to many people’s feelings. Numerous people on earth are unsure as to why they are here and what they should be doing here. Your Mother’s Couch have everything they need to be successful; loving, wealthy parents, yet they turn their heads completely decide to do their own thing, falling into the common theme of making a band and rapping about senseless things. Through music, they are trying to find purpose and are failing. So through the desperateness of trying to find meaning in life, disregarding the gifts already given to them, these hipsters are still lost.

The most common connection to Your Mother’s Couch is pretty much any new Indie Band. For example the Band Wavves. Just off the bat, they are so unique that they must spell “Waves” with two “w’s”. All of the members of Wavves all came from money and they all act as if they are dirt poor and hate their parents. They make meaningless songs about the dumbest of things, but they get buzz from it! Another connection to Your Mother’s Couch is every other modern day hipster. The band we created were based off of the whole “DIY Band” scene in the PHL/NJ/NYC area. A bunch of friends of mine that are pretty well off and just want to be rebellious and get involved into things they know nothing of, do similar things as Your Mother’s Couch would do.

Back in 2013, a clothing designer painted a few paintings that he made into shirts and they were based off of his experience going to house shows in Brooklyn and seeing the youth in the shows. Raf Simons made a number of different shirts, one had a very pale girl on the one, with a vivid colored sweater and bleached blonde hair with the roots coming out. She was holding a coors light to relate to the underaged youth drinking in the shows. In an interview he described the people in the shows and their lives and the inspiration behind the line. As a big fashion enthusiast that I am, it was interesting to see big designers doing stuff like this.

Undoubtedly, tumblr is a huge contributor to the connection to the start of Your Mother’s Couch. Tumblr is the place where hipsters go and trade off their corny memes, mediocre music, and countless pages of meaningless stories. It’s also hard not to forget the numerous “I am a photographer” pages and “All I post is Gifs about Nirvana because Kurt is my father” pages. People see stuff on the internet and instantly hook right onto it. Almost as if they are minions.

The last connection I have to mention is a 21 year old kid from Harlem by the name of Ian Connor. Now many people might not know who Ian Connor or who he is, but in summary he got famous from styling A$AP Rocky and A$AP Mob, Wiz Khalifa, and now Kylie Jenner. He also modeled for Wil Fry, 424 Fairfax, Kanye x Adidas, and many more designers. He lives the lavish life of throwing a lot of money at pizza men and smoking in public malls and stores. He is know for pretty much not giving a F*** and the “hipster band” kids have followed his tracks in now dressing like him and acting like him. As odd as it sounds, he is an influence to the youth now. If you have spare time, look him up he is quite interesting.

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