Bethany Carter's skit

Seen one


Rachel, a reporter from New York, just got of a plane from Florida. She is currently looking for Ana who she will be living with as she works on an article for a small paper about Spanish restaurants in Florida.



Rachel: Well here I am. Hopefully I can find where I need to go.


Ana:(walks up to Rachel) Are you Rachel?


Rachel: Yes, are you Ana? It’s so good to be here. Do you mind if we get right to work? We don’t have a lot of time.


Ana: Sure, but do you not have the whole week?


Rachel: Unfortunately I have to leave tomorrow night so this article will be able to get in the paper in time. I was thinking that today I could interview you so that I could have most of tomorrow to write the article.


Ana: Well I will be having some friends over for dinner but that should not get in the way.


Seen two


They have finished the interview and Rachel feels that the article wont be good. Ana’s friend Maria just walked in.


Ana: Hola Maria. Estaré para comida pronto.


Maria: Como esta tu invitado?


Ana: Ella es la periodista de Nueva York.


Maria: Yo necesito dejo. Tango muchos problemas por que trabajo. No necesito la periodista hará más problemas.


Rachel: Yo no hago problemas para tú.


Maria: Yo habla español?


Rachel: Un pequeño. (turning to Ana) What kinds of problems does she have at work?


Ana: She works at a tomato farm. It’s not a good job.


Rachel: Well ask her if she will be willing to talk about it. The article is going no were and it might help her out if people knew about the problem.


Ana: She won’t do it, she would get in trouble. 


Rachel: But I would not use her name or say anything that will point to her. Tell her that if she is up to it to come here tomorrow morning so I can get the information before I leave.   


Seen three


Maria has decided to talk to Rachel as Ana translates.


Maria: Yo trabajo un tomate. Por un treinta y dos libras yo consigo cuarenta y cinco centavo. A veces nosotros no conseguimos dinero por mesas.


Ana: I work in a tomato field. For a 32 lb I make 45 cents. Sometimes we are not paid at all for mouths.  


Maria: Supermercados tienen muy infuencia. La CIW es exige supermercados pagan un centavo por libra. La mayoria de están de acuerdo. Trader Joe's es evita de acuerdo.


Ana: Supermarkets have a lot of influence. The CIW is demanding that supermarkets pay one cent more per pound. Most have agreed. Trader Joe’s is avoiding agreement.


Rachel: Wow, I never though that in this day and age something like this could be in America. 


Ana: Because almost no one knows about it.


Rachel: There must be something we can do.


Ana: The best thing to do is to get the word out like your article. No one can do it on their own but if many people work together we can make a difference.