[character is in bed. Phone buzzes, they look at it.]

OMG. I can’t believe it. Why would someone say I did this with Drake and Josh. I can’t with these rumors.  

[another buzz]

[Reading from phone} “Is this true?”

How could she! I can’t even…

[typing on phone] I can’t believe you are believing this Zoe. You are my best friend if anything I thought you would not believe this. I thought you were better than this believing these rumors. If I did something like this you would be the first to know.

[another buzz]

[Reading from phone} “I am sorry I should have not have believed the rumor. You are right I need to learn how to not believe these petty rumors. I am not sure who started this but I can try to figure out.”

OMG why is Zoe is even questioning me. I mean I am Britney.  

[typing on phone] Ok thank you Zoe. You really are a true friend. I hope that you know I never would do anything with Drake or Josh there both nerds. I have only had like one convo with them.  

[another buzz]

[Reading of off phone} “OFC I know you would never even get near them. This rumor is getting bigger it has hit most of everyone's finsta and snap stories. Idk where it started I am asking around no one knows. Have you read some of these comments.”


Omg I am so nervous...

[typing on phone] NO I am above all of that. But if I were to ask would you tell me what some people are saying. So what are Drake and Josh saying oh and Emma. She always hated me.

[another buzz]

[reading of off phone} “Yeah well Emma is certainly not being soft with her words she is saying that I can’t believe Britney would do something like this. Emma also said that you are a major hoe and used some harsh emojis. Drake is not denying that any of this happened and nether is Josh. They are feeding on this drama and it is helping them look cooler.”

Ughh this is awful

[typing on phone] What omg I can't with Emma tbh she has always had it out for me ever since freshman homecoming when her crush Dylan asked me out and not her hahah. Josh and Drake I mean that is not surprising they are guys why would they deny it. Well thanks anyway for reading those comments. I probably should have not asked I am only feeling bad about myself.  

[another buzz]

[reading of off phone} “Omg there is no need to feel bad about yourself block out those haters sister. No one else has commented anyway it is only those thirsty bitches out there looking for attention. I mean who cares what people think your Brittney your the most popular girl in our school.”

Well not anymore

[typing on phone] Yeah your right Zoe but I am not sure about my popularity come Monday. I bet people are going to look at me when I walk down the halls and start to gossip about me when I am there acting like I can’t hear you.

[another buzz]

[reading of off phone} “I've got you if anyone says anything I will stand up for you. But no one will say anything. Ok this might sound like I don't trust you but I do. You can tell me it is just you and me is this rumor actually true”   

Should I? Do I trust her?

[tying on phone] Ok I am going to be honest but only because I trust you completely and you are my best friend. The rumor is true I don't know how people found out though. It might be because Drake and Josh told people.

[another buzz]

[reading of off phone} “What omg why did you not tell me this is major tea I can't believe it. Only thought you would do it with someone different.”

I thought so to.

[typing on phone] Yeah it is major I just did not want you to judge me.

[another buzz]

[reading of off phone} “I would never judge you”


[left on read]

[the next morning phone buzzes an alert from instagram about the rumor Britney picks up the phone]

[typing on phone] Oh could you and I now assume that your the one who spread the rumor. You took a screenshot of are messages and posted them. You bitch. I thought we were best friends.

[another buzz]

[reading of off phone} “I thought we were to until you decided to start dating my crush Chad you knew how much I liked him yet you decided to hook up with him under the bleachers like some common whore. So I decided to spread a rumor that could be true knowing your history you whore. Turns out it was true. I also did not know the info until Drake told me.”

What omg Drake told her...

[typing on phone] Wow you want to go there. You are just a petty bitch cause you and I both knew that Chad did not want your ugly ass. So let’s not lie about that. What you did crossed the line.

[another buzz]

[reading of off phone} “Well what is done is done I hope you know that the whole thing was a rumor nothing to get dramatic about like you did. But you did so I started to wonder could this be true. I asked you and it was a rumor it is just a rumor till it is confirmed and you did that for me. So know the whole school will know that you has a threesome with Drake and Josh the ugliest boys in school.  HAHAHA”

[left on read]

OMG I am done...

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Ethan Chen (Student 2021)
Ethan Chen

What move me emotionally is the language because you use a lot of text language abbreviation and include some words and terms in there to make the monologue instreading and wanting me to learn more. I also like how you use the buzzing of the phone sound effect in your audio recording.