Betty Louis: Q2 Media Fluency

Of course just by looking at my slide you obviously can guess that I LOOOOVVEEEE Christmas! I choose to put on my slide the subject of Christmas because it my favorite holiday of the year and one of my upcoming events that I am really excited about. The big words that I put in my slide represent that first few words that come to mind when I think of Christmas. The main word I put in the biggest size is family because for me it is the whole point of Christmas. I used the colors red and green because well as you all know they are the main colors of Christmas. I also put pictures of me with family/friends from past Christmas to show you what I look like and to also have a connection to the words family and love in my slide. In doing this project I have learned many things such as how to make the slide eye-catching to a point where you just go “that is just more than great!” You have to make it simple but not to simple that it seems baby-ish. Just simple enough for each and everyone of the audience to understand what you are trying to present to them. You must also make it seem fun and colorful with NOO paragraphs or long bullet points. With stuff like that people are just going to walk away from your slide or turn the other way. So if you want your slide or poster to be heard don’t do that. Put lots of pictures of just one picture that you think and edit it to make it look visual. Meaning it has be noticed that your eyes can’t stop looking or trailing around it. Like making the text of your words really big.  Use up practically all the space and balance out the use of objects in that slide. Also “don’t be afraid to bleed” meaning don’t be scared to allow some of the picture(s) in the slide to appear like it come off the edge to make it seem like it can’t fit. That’s actually good because with it looking like it can’t fit makes it seems like its really big and with things really big allows the slide to be more interesting. All of these things I did.


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