Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is an American Movement that feeds on people consisting of the Trayvon Martin, Black Lives Matter is a unique contribution that goes beyond extrajudicial killings of Black people by police and vigilantes. There are many reasons why this organization was made. There are 2.8 million innocent blacks who are in prison today, This in itself is a crime. Black women are being assaulted. Did you know that there are 500,000 blacks in the states who are illegal immigrants? I bet you didn’t know that. These are things that we need to prevent for our society. I am interested in this project because it targets kids my age in today's society and educates them about crimes committed against minorities. Black Lives Matter also encourages us to come up with solutions to make a change and ensure that this violence doesn’t continue."

It is important for Americans to be able to rely and trust authority figures, such as police officers, EMTs, Firefighters, etc. Police brutality is both tragic and real. Take Trayvon Martin and Eric Gardner for example. Both men ended up dead because of then injustice brought upon them by the police"

I’m wondering how to prevent domestic violence, to say No more to being assaulted. It’s time that we take a stand and make an improvement. To mine and possibly others, it’s Cruel and it’s Racist. I’m willing to create a survey about our segregation. would be better.

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