Blog #3 Adoption and Effects on people

This is my third blog for my adoption piece. I have written two other blogs about adoption. My first blog was all about what I knew and why I wanted to study adoption. My second blog was about what I have learned from adoption. This blog is to incorporate all of that and something I was able to do out side the world called Agent of Change. My topic is adoption and the effects it has on adopted children. There are a lot of people don't understand about adoption when it comes down to the child. Adopted children are as affected as the adoptive parents. I am so close to this topic not just because I am adopted but I understand what it can be like not truly understanding where you fit in. This is my post for change and its the last phase of this project that I am doing.

Adopting kids is something that is very hard to explain to people who never gone through the process. There are many details but the out come is amazing and it can change the lives of the people that are adopting and the adopted. I want people to understand the myths and the facts to adoption. Myth vs Fact can be very closely related to one another. I did a Power Point presentation on adoption to my classmates. I wanted to know how much they knew about adoption and see if they could pick out the Myth from fact. My classmates where able to pick up on the myths and facts about adoption. The Power point that I made had information on adoption as well as a true or false game. The game had statements that  I heard as well as question that are most comenly asked. There are a lot of things that happen behind the scene way before and after children are adopted. So this presentation was so I could get the message out there that there are two sides to everything.

There is a lot of things that when you think about it seem very complicated and difficult to understand. Adoption to a lot of people can seem like that but once you get the ball rolling it can become much easier to see the right path. Adoption has a lot of emotion attached to it. The child is to be give to people that love and can take care of the child. The new parents that take the child in is to have a new member of their family. But there can be a lot of heart ache because sometimes the child can emotional get along. It can be a struggle because they have come so far. Adoption finds kids that have no home a place to live and at the end of the day every child has a born right to have a loving home.

My change so far in this project was to really tell my story and inform people about adoption. I feel like this agent of change work that I have done has started a conversation on adoption. With this part of the project I have learned somethings about my self. Like I can just have my opion I have to look deeper into thing. 

In my Agent of change piece of the project there are somethings i could have done differently. My presentation could have been better if I had cliff notes for my self and I didn't have to read off the board. My thoughts ended up being every where and it was hard to explain. My power point was very boring and bland and my slides where to short. These things I could have made a lot better . There are still things that can be done to my my work look much better then they did when I did my first presentation.

Adoption will always be a large part of my life it defines who I am as a person. Adopted kids can be miss understood. But I am here to say we are no different then anybody else. Adoption is a great but you need to want to climb to know was can be waiting on the other side. 

These photos are from my presentation for my classmates

photo 1
photo 1