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You in the world - by Tuyet Corson

 Research blog 2.

This blog is my second blog about adoption and the effects. Blog1 was all about what I new and things I researched online. My topic is not common because its not something talked about much. But for me it was very important topic to talk about because I didn't really like that I was adopted. There are parts of me that think adoption is bad for the children because they don't have a choice where they are placed and they don't understand why their birth parents would give their child up. I have learned that adoption is really great and you have to understand not everyone wants their children for one reason or another. My family is really cool and I love them even though I am not blood related. For other adopted children I can't say what they have gone through but I can say adoption has given children loving home and they are surrounded by acceptance. I found this quote that I thought was really cool. ¨Adoption is not about finding children for families, it's about finding families for children.¨by Joyce Maguire Pavao, founder of the Adoption Resource Canter in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I have now done some out side research and found out really options on this topic.

I have chose to do a survey about adoption to find out what people really think about adoption. My survey was geared toward adopted kids. I wanted to see what there opinion was and how it has effected them. But my survey results didn't really go as planned. The Survey was sent out to my school but my results were almost inconclusive and showed very little help. I did find that most people took the survey were very supportive of adoption. But as of now only 3 people who took the survey where adopted. Which didn't help me to find any clear answers on this topic. I did a little more online research on adoption and found some very cool websites that talked about adoption. The websites help me will a little more detail of what adoption can be like for a child.

This topic holds a lot of tough questions and they seem to be come bigger every time I think there is answer. Adoption can be great and not so great for the people that are in on the process. A child gets a home, the two adults get a child, and of course there is the group that gets money. But sometimes there is pain,love, and miss understandings. Pain being if the adopted child has difficulty understanding why they where adopted. That child may have question their adopted parents can not answer. Then the adopted parents can go under a huge amount of the mental abuse a adopted kid could put them through because they can't answer those question. Love is where those question can be answered. I know I have done a lot to my adopted parents emotional and mental because they could not answer my burning question. But no matter what I did I know they love me and I have to accept that even though we are not blood related we are family. The miss understanding is when the parents of adopted child has all these unanswered question. My survey may have not answered my questions but I will find my answers

My next blog will be about how I can effect change. This is a project seem to get me off guard because I didn't know what I could do. But now I think I have a very clear plan and a good idea of what I could do. I want to do a presentation on adoption in two places one being at my current school Science Leadership Academy and my Quaker meeting house. They will be only a 30 mins long with a short question and answer groups. I want to do that so people really see what adoption can do to children. I believe if people have more knowledge on the effects they can more under stand adopted kids. There is always more then one side of the story for most and I believe I could try to give balance between both.

So to end this blog on a happy note. I wanted to say that adoption is not all bad. It can be the best thing ever. But understand that an some adopted children has question and will always be trying to get those answers. Don't brush things under the rug and be real if you can't answer them you can't answer them. My hope is that some will understand where I am coming from and why adoption is not always a clear path. You will hit bumps in that path and you have to take time and smooth out those bumps. 

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My family- To the left-Jean Prestas-Eric Corson-Tuyet Corson

I am adopted and I couldn't ask for any thing better this is my story and my project.


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