Blog Post #1

I am lobbying for the issue of curfew. There has been a new law about curfews and how children have to be in by a certain time. I completely agree with the law because several kids have to learn how to obey laws and rules. The main reason as to why the mayor, Michael Nutter decided to make “Curfew” for kids under the age of 18 a law is because of “Flash mobs.” I completely understand the point he is trying to make. I am not just saying this because the “Curfew” law no longer applies to me considering the fact that I am already 18 years of age but because teens need to understand that things aren’t always going to go the way they want it to go. Teenagers are getting out of control in society each and everyday. What they need to do is stop and we need to put a stop to it. There are rules that need to be obeyed even for the young ones.

The mayor and other council members are clearly in favor of the “curfew” law and so am I. The voting for the signing of the law trial was signed “15-1” meaning 15 council members agreed to the “curfew” and 1 was opposed of it. Teens who have to go inside because of the time obviously aren’t to excite about it and several kids aren’t really acting as if it is a law or acting as if it is serious. There have been teens that have been collected by police officers and had to pay fines. There are several teens that of course obey the rules but there will also be kids who don’t follow rules, changes have to be made even if it has to do with teens causing a big riot of some sort. They have to be stopped one way or another. Changes must be made one step at a time.

The main supporters of my lobbying topic are 15 council members and the mayor of course. There are possibly elder citizens who agree with this as well. The main opponents would be teenagers those targeted because of the “curfew.” Although they don’t agree with it, it doesn’t mean they are going to follow it.

There is a law that has just been passed for a 2-year trial to see the results of it all. Of course the results are going to be pretty accurate, in the way the mayor wants it to be because there are already kids breaking the rules with the “curfew.”

Other background information that would be completely relevant in this case would possibly be way the parents raise the kids and how responsible they are or how responsible they should be. Not everyone has a parent that cares as much or is up to date with societies rules. I think it be best if we had a better understanding and opinion on teens parents who have been fined and arrested.