Blog Post #2

Blog post #2


The person that represents me is Maria D. Quinones-Sanchez from the 7th district. Maria has a lot going in with her life.

-She has gone down in history for being the first Latina woman to have a seat in the Philadelphia city council.

-She is also the youngest in the city council.

-She is also known for her reduced crime rates in the city of Philadelphia.

-She is married with 2 boys and still resides in Philadelphia.

In the past she voted for my issue considering the fact that she is basically focusing on public issues and of course this law, the “curfew” law is indeed very public. She has voted with one of the 15 council members to agree with the overall law at hand. She signed for it and only one person didn’t agree with it.

My representative and I have many different things in common such as helping out in the community. I have worked with community service opportunities and volunteer work in the past. Maria does everything for the community;

-She helps out with community service projects;

-She helps out schools, schools in which my younger sisters go to. I think the work she is doing means a lot to the community in multiple ways she is helping out the community and even thought I am helping out in the community its not in the same way Maria is. She helps out in ways to make the community a better place;

-She is involved with educational purposes

-Crime and public safety as well. She has a strong connection with the community.

My thought on Maria overall is a positive vibe. I believe that she is making the community better starting out with her vote for the approval of “curfews” I believe that she is doing is for the safety of teens. She is making sure that everyone has bright future and I believe she is making sure and sort of testing out teens in way. I believe she and the council member are testing teens out in a way to show how responsible they can be to show leadership skills and to be able to show the drastic change of roles in teens this generation. How much has teens changed over time? Maybe the “curfew” law is a test to see how much society has changed in the view of a teen.