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         Hello there! It’s me once again! As you guys know for my You and The World project I was fortunate enough to make a difference on a cause that I personally picked, teen suicide due to bullying. This is my final post on my journey with teen suicide due to bullying. On this final blog post I will be informing you about my agent of change part.

      What I did for my agent of change part was quite interesting and fun! I presented a movie called “Bully”. Bully is a 2011 documentary film about bullying in U.S schools. I presented this movie to my advisory and we watched it for 3 advisories. After the movie ended we had an awesome discussion. The room was set up very different from the one in a classroom. We had chairs around in a circle so everyone had the opportunity to see each other and focus when a person was talking. We had a very productive discussion. We discussed the movie and the topic as well. Some of the questions were;  how did this experience changed them in some sort of way, what they learned about bullying etc. Most important, how this experience changed their point of view. I was very impressed with the stupendous responses I received. The discussion went incredible.


   This whole process to me overall was incredible! I’ve never done anything like this ever in my life! Out of all the projects I’ve done, this one turned out to be one of my favorites. I felt very productive at all times during this project. I felt an immense satisfaction with myself as a person because I knew that what I did, was right. I took a bit of my time to impact other teens. During this project I’ve changed a couple things. I wasn’t thinking of presenting the “bully” movie, nor having a discussion with my advisory. I was originally going to join a walking marathon in philadelphia to raise awareness about teen suicide due to bullying. I was going to originally do the walk. It was very hard for to me decide, because I wanted to do both. I took time to think about what I was going to do my for agent of change. Finally I got drafted to the best option, which was to present the movie to advisory.During this experience, many things went well for me. The discussion went extremely well, and I was very proud of the outcome. I’m a shy and quiet person, therefore I was very nervous when it came to the discussion. Specially because I was in charge of keeping the conversation going, but most important; leading the discussion. Since this was a project that I had to present I felt that I had to code switch. Especially because I was talking about a very important topic; It had to be treated with seriousness. Having a discussion about what dress looks better, is very different to a conversation about bullying. It’s still a conversation with teens but just with different restrictions. Other than that, the movie turned out to be enjoyable by the audience, so that went pretty well. Although there was some difficulties, I tried my best to encounter them. During the movie, there was too many interversions along the way.Technical difficulties were always present, but I tried to make the best of it.


When I first started to look for an idea, I thought of bullying right away. I knew it was a very common world issue and I wanted to become part of it. I knew that bullying was bad but I didn’t think it was a big deal. I always knew that I if I wasn’t the one being bullied, than I was in good shape. I only thought of myself. I know realize that it just takes one person to be the difference. The minor things can support another person, and you never realize that. I see myself as a new person. You and The World shooked me in the way that I was very surprised. It changed me in a good way, I’m very fortunate. While I was watching the movie, Bully, I felt some type of way when I reflected myself as one of the bystanders. If you guys don’t know, a bystander is someone who knows what’s being done to you, but doesn’t step up to help you. It haunts me think that as I was being a bystander someone could’ve taken their life. Consideration, is the word that lives in my heart.I understand that bullying doesn’t take one day to end. It’s a process that I’m willing to take, because it all starts with one. Now, I see myself in the community as someone who both; is still learning and who prefers to follow and collaborate in a group. I believe that you can learn new things every day, although I did explore teen suicide and bullying deep in length I still believe that I can learn new things. Specially if I collaborate with other people, it think in this particular case I rather be a follower than a leader. It all adds up to one thing. What do I take from this experience. This experience has been incredible even the littlest things. It has made me reflect as a human being. It has made me grow and think outside the box. I’m extremely proud of the person I am today. You and The World has been no doubt, Amazing.

Thank you guys for your time and remember, it only takes one, be the difference! :)

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