Blog Post #4

Blog Post #4

My plan for communicating with my legislator is to get some people from the STARs organization, then schedule a meeting with either Mike O’Brien or  Larry Farnese. I feel like this is an issue that hasn’t gotten much attention, so talking to them in person might give me a better chance at pushing the urgency of this situation.

I would write a letter to The Philadelphia Inquirer in hopes that maybe I would get more people aware of the lack of middle school athletic programs. My letter would read like this:

Dear Mr. Stan Wischnowski
I am writing to you in hopes that you could run a story about the middle school athletics budget cut. I know you had a little story about the $1,000,000 budget cut, but I feel like this is a huge story that is flying under the radar. I am planning on meeting with both Larry Farnese and Mike O’Brien. I feel like this could be a good situation for both of us, you can write about something many others haven’t even noticed and it would help me right the situation because I would have more support and can fix this problem. This is something that could have a huge effect on the future of Philadelphia’s children. If you wish to write back, my email is If you want to call my number is 215-498-3934. Thank you for your time.
Samuel Sirochman

Twitter is also something I would like to utilize, if everything goes as planned I would like to get a trend “#PSDBudgetCuts” or something along those lines. I think it would be the most efficient way to see my grassroots and to represent my grassroots. I will attempt to use social media, such as Twitter, to play a big role. If we can get even 25 or thirty people to tweet it, the message will reach thousands of people.


I think the letter and meeting in person, will be the most successful part of the plan. The twitter part is a bit of a reach, but it definitely has the most potential though. When I was writing this, I was thinking about Occupy Philly and the Egyptian Revolution, given that this is a much smaller issue. I was thinking about how I could reach the most people, maybe more importantly, the leaders of my situation. Larry Farnese and/or Mike O’Brien, will hopefully listen to the proposals and do what is most important for the youth of Philadelphia.