Henry Poeng

African-American History




When it came to 10-20-30, I was a little hesitant. Not having much of a music background myself I thought I would find this benchmark difficult. But when I first started it started to flow in my mind. How I would do it, and how I would end it. What I would use and how I would apply it. With every project, there are ups and downs. The best part was having an epiphany, while the worst part being, trying to ask my parents about music.

 Starting from the worst part. When it was made clear that I had to ask my parents, I put my head down. “This is going to be difficult.” I said to myself. So I went out of my way to go and find music that I thought they would like, which I ultimately did at the end. The excitement of getting that part completed was simply overwhelming.

Ending at the best part. When I was struggling to come up with ideas and designs, I thought I was going to fail. Then out of nowhere when I was eating, it just came to me. A great idea just popped into my head like Mr. Sherif’s random dancing. Applying everything that had come up and adding stuff on over time, I took a final look at the project; it was amazing in my eyes.

            In the end, overcoming challenges give you such a huge sense of accomplishment that will be noted by teachers and peers alike. I was proud of my work and I was not hesitant to turn it in.