Blog Post 2

Blog Post #1 shared the point of Black Lives Matter, people who stands up for what they believe in. Black Lives Matter stands up for what you believe in, and what I am doing for this Blog Post is exactly what I want to do.

Black Lives Matter, and Trayvon Martin

For me previous work, I’ve found a video that talks about different people who needs to respect the laws, a guy at the time who was 20-30 years old randomly stopped a Police Officer by the Law of Washington State/RCW. The law stated that anyone who has an unmarked vehicle, is hereby banned to drive. The cop had an unregistered unmarked vehicle and he was using it for undercovering. The citizen gave the cop a huge warning to the cop making him to register the vehicle. The citizen stated there is no mark or indication on the car and the Driver/Cop known as Deputy Canfield have been stopping people in the vehicle in an unregistered vehicle. Everyone needs to respect the law, even the people that are under the power as well.

What I pursued and learned more information about is the laws in the states There should be a change in the community we live in, because people are getting disappointed in the way that they’ve been treating and now it leads to chaos more people are following the ways of mankind.

#BLM Survey

This helps me inform the concept I am learning/researching, it gives us a valuable source of what is happening around the world that demonstrates the cause of these things. I believe that everyone who have heard about this topic is furious about this but we all have a same/different theory about this, we agree and disagree on what we are doing and who we are becoming, but if you actually look at the cause and effect of what’s happening from the past to the present, you would see a huge difference then what society had on us then before.  

This help me of my understanding by showing the concept of why we do this, we do this because we want what’s best for the future, we don’t want a cruel world where we look up to people by example and teach all of us from right to wrong, we want to teach one another respect and acknowledge the fact that we need to do the best we can to raise our children. So my understanding would be the leaders stepping up not just for kids, but for all of us around the world.