I.               Intro


a.     Sexual Orientation

                                               i.     What is Sexual Orientation


                                              ii.      What is a Homosexual 


                                            iii.     What is a heterosexual



b.    Thesis

The environment that one grows up in has an affect on one’s    sexual orientation.


Tie in: Sexual orientation is how one identifies themselves sexually. Homosexuality also known as gay is a sexual orientation in which one has a sexual and/or romantic attraction/behavior to members of the same sex or gender. Heterosexuality also known as straight is a sexual orientation in which one has a romantic and/or sexual attraction/behavior to members of the opposite sex or gender. This ties into my topic by giving information of what my thesis is about.


II.             Sexuality


a.     Puberty                                                                                                              source:

b.    Gay or Strait Source:

c.     Signs at a youngage 



d.    Coming out


Tie in: Puberty is the process in which a child's body begins to mature. In this process the body goes through physical changes which allows the body to go through sexual reproduction. After puberty from the acts of the child and others around them should be able to tell their sexual orientation. This ties into my topic by giving information on the identification of sexual orientation at a you age when it is usually determined. 


III.           Nurture vs. Illness

a.     Choice

b.    Source:


c.     Environment

                                              i.     Family                                                                                                   source

                                            ii.     The Physical Abuse 

                                          iii.     Sexual Abuse

                                           iv.     Neglect


d.    Mental Disorder



e.     Genetics


Tie In: This section in about the causes of sexual orientation. It goes                                       through information of child abuse and neglect and its effect on the                                         child's growth. It also goes through statistics tying family's sexual                                           orientation to the outcome of a child's sexual orientation.  


IV.           Conclusion