BM- Project



6 apples - peeled, cored and chopped


1 cup of finely chopped walnuts


1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon 


1/3 cups of sweet red whine ( this is being replaced with a similar trap juice that is non alcoholic. )


Place the apples and walnuts into a large bowl. Mix together the cinnamon, sprinkle over the apples. Stir in the grape juice. Serve immediately, or refrigerate until serving.



This meal is traditionally a jewish meal that is ate at passover, which is a jewish holiday, although I am not jewish i do have family that are jewish. Usually this meal has some processed food in it, however the way I am making it is made with completely 100% whole food. When it comes to fat content sugar content and caloric content all of these are very low for this dish aside from the traces of sugar throughout the meal there isn't really anything that contains a lot of calories or fat. Its not something that would have any negative effects of your body and it actually can make you feel more energetic and healthy. This food is pretty much completely organically grown and all the ingredients can be pretty easily found in nature. This meal is much much healthier then fast food because its not greasy or fatty and isn't processed.

Personal reflection:

 I feel that my role in the food system is that I am a human. I feel that each human has a certain role where each animal has a role. The food chain is a huge part of the food system and I feel that although most humans don't take part in this role our role should be keeping balance in the food system and making sure the world and ourselves are healthy. Most humans don't do this, and to be quite honest neither do I. However, I feel that in a perfect world we would all eat healthier and try harder to keep a balance in the worlds food system. The biggest issue we have as a food system is our lack of healthy foods and our abundance of animal slaughter for food. I love to eat unhealthy food and animals, but I see where it is too much and wrong. I see that as people we don't want to balance things and that is a huge and major issue with our culture, society and food system. This is because we are raised in a way that we see ourselves as superior and life has been like that for so long that that is all we seem to know anymore. Changes I would personally like to make and that I could make would be less fast food and fatty foods in my diet to be replaced with more healthy foods. I would also want to eat less fatty foods and maybe cut down on the amount of food that I eat. The impact of these changes would be little to nothing on a grand scale, but could very well change and even save my life. Part of me is willing to make these changes, but I know that it will be something that is very hard for me because I am accustomed to eating the way I do. I have tried being vegetarian and although I could do it I just didn't feel like me and I wouldn't ever change myself. 

DylanC food
DylanC food