BMQ1 - Reflection

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To start everything off, my group just had their own ideas of what we wanted to change. Our list at the beginning was: Removing Electoral Colleges, Changing the voting age, and making it mandatory. First off, everyone else was already having a mandatory voting weekend - so that wouldn't be interesting. Secondly, we would have to change many more things in the law if we changed the voting age. So the one we were left with was Electoral Colleges. 

Individual change in America begins when one truly understands and believes in the thing they want to change. Everything begins with knowledge and research. You can't enlighten others about change you'd like to see and have nothing to tell them. If you try to enlighten people about Mac vs. PC, for example, and you have never in your life used a Mac - your points following are then invalid. (Because we all know, Once you go Mac, you never go back

I didn't really have a background on the learning process before this unit. Before, I thought "You go into the poll and press some magical button and it goes into the computer." But then when I went, I realized it was a pretty long and time consuming process. But it's okay because there are MANY voting polls around the city of Philadelphia. 

I thought the best way to relay my message was follow through like Rick Perry's Ad Campaign. Show what's going on now and I showed how things will be if things DO change. All we need is change and if we get that, happiness will follow along - of course.