Book characters....copy cats!

Tonigh me and Evett randomly discussed our favorite book characters we are told we are like so I would take my mind off my current cold. She first sent me a picture of her character Nudge.

Me:​.....thats u
10:01 PM
E:more i look at her the more i see myself. lol but my hair ain't that long
Me: true -looks at the max one- huh my hair is naturally like hers but u know dark and bangs
E:i love max's hair.
Me:wait wait
E:and her wings
Me:oh heck no thats my bomber jacket!
E:i was just about to say that jacket looks like something you would wear
Mei swear thats the one i have been talking about
E:same color?
Me:yes, my collar is just bigger i think

I went and tried the jacket

10:12 PM
E: well?

I took a photo and showed her.

E:oh snaps they doo look the same
Me: lol told u