Book Review & Movie Trailer: Skate

Joseff Filamor

December 20, 2012

Skate Book Review

Skate by Michael Harmon, follows young skater Ian McDermott. While being a junior in highschool and juggling skateboarding with school work, Ian is also raising his younger brother, Sammy, while his Mom is out on her drinking binges. Sammy is also a very talented skateboarder, but at the same time has several problems keeping him from skating with his older brother. He attends Special Ed classes while also going to regular school, and has a hard time dealing with authority. Both Sammy and Ian are growing up without a father. At school, Ian is hated by the majority of his teachers. He ends up punching and knocking out his coach. The stress end up being too much for him, which leaves him with only one choice; leave with Sammy.
Being a skater myself, it is easy to relate to Skate. It’s a perfect example of what the average skateboarder has to deal with. Whether it’s having to deal with authority hassle us or anything related. Although, even if you are not a skater, Skate is still a relatable book. The book relates to skateboarders just as it does to non-skaters. It addresses the bond between brothers, redemption and teen rage. Skate is the perfect combination of situations which makes it relatable to any reader. The book talks about average everyday problems including bigger ones that even the reader wouldn’t be used to hearing, at least I have not.
Although, do not just real the book if you are interested in skating and nothing else. I wouldn't say Skate does not address the life of a skater, but it doesn't do the it justice.
In most cases, it does, but Skate doesn't talk about tricks, sponsorships, or filming of any kind. (Basic skateboarding side hobbies.)

Michael Harmon wanted to portray the life of a teenager with life problems, not a

skater. The book is based off of skateboarding but the skate references are not relevant to real
life skaters. When skateboarding comes up in the book, the only things Ian and Sammy say
are “Grind,” “Ollie” or “180.” Specific tricks rarely ever come up.
Don’t get me wrong, you will enjoy Skate even without true skate references. It is now probably my favorite book that I have ever read. Skate is relatable in so many different
aspects. I highly recommend Skate to anyone interested in adventure, drama or skateboarding.

My visual for this project in a trailer based off of the book. I use a song I believe is a perfect match for the book, clips from movies that are relatable to Skate, and a little creative editing. Enjoy! Video HERE