Books To Sink Your Teeth Into Podcast #2

Wow! A lot has happened while we read deeper into the book. Today, we continue to talk about some of the wild events that have unfolded in the book Dracula. This week we take a look at the literary lenses of this book mainly both the New Historicist Lense and the Marxist. We will use these lenses to help give us a critical look at why certain decisions were made and understand why some of the characters might have acted in a certain way. Make sure to hear from our “sponsor” at the end of the podcast!

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Jackson Shumard (Student 2021)
Jackson Shumard

This podcast taught me a lot about the dynamics of the characters in Dracula and how the different social classes think of and treat each other. I like the music at the beginning of the podcast it is very fitting, I also appreciate how each member-centred themselves in the screen and spoke clearly. Shoutout to Ethan for leading a lot of the conversation.