Boubou Magassa's Capstone

For my senior Capstone Project, I wanted to help the thousands of homeless people in the city of philadelphia. I had first wanted to make a bed out of something recyclable, so I had chose car tires. I had then pitched my idea to Braskem and got tons of support from the company and from family and friends, but it was a short lived dream because it was not possible to get the tires professionally cut the way that I needed. So now onto a new idea I had thought of making something lightweight and affordable so I had chose a bed made out of PVC. I had lots of trouble with getting the bed to sustain weight and also support itself and also a person. After multiple design changes and testing I had come up with a final design that met all the goals that I needed. I plan to donate my bed to a homeless shelter because there are hundreds of homeless people turned away from shelters because of lack of beds. My bed would provide another resting place, but also the ability to pack it up and make it easy for storage.

Boubou's Bed Design
Boubou's Bed Design
Boubou's Bed Drawing-1
Boubou's Bed Drawing-1

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