Braille Literacy

​Braille is a system of writing, reading, and overall communication for blind or visually impaired people. While I knew that I was wondering what else there was to know about Braille. There are currently three styles of Braille, although the basic structure of Braille is made in cells of six, whichever dots are raised corresponds to a letter, and in a single cell there are 36 unique combinations that can be made. Now Braille because it can't actually be physically spoken is technically not a language, and the overall availability of Braille 'speakers' and teachers is scarce. Most blind or visually inhibited people (up to 75% of them) can actually read print, so Braille is almost unnecessary. To write Braille you need a slate and a stylus, a machine that resembles a typewriter, and is really slow to use and produces a lot of noise. Because you need this special tool to create readable Braille text it is more difficult to make universally available for those in need.