Briannie Matos Capstone

For my capstone, I wanted to create a project that would have an impact on the SLA community and even others outside of it, such as my family and friends. I live between the Hispanic world and the American world. I never really faced any challenges until I went to high school because growing up, I went to schools that were mainly ethnically speaking, Hispanic. It’s hard to balance at times since walking out of my home, it is a different environment I have to face every day. I wanted to portray that by making a documentary about what it is like being a Hispanic in America. The documentary was going to go deep into the social and emotional impact I’ve gone through and how people who go through the same challenges as I do, are not alone. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I was not able to begin filming for the documentary making this project not precisely what I wanted. I was able to complete an interview that was going to be apart of the mini-film and collected other types of research that will be presented in a google slide show.

Process Paper:

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