Brielle's Remix Slide

I learned that my slide wasn’t really a thought out design. It was just a few pictures slapped on a white background and there wasn’t actual design techniques on my slide. I made my pictures altogether and a quote in the middle so it could pop out. I chose colors with darker backgrounds because I didn’t want any pictures to stand out more than the other.

The research made me realize that everything had to be nice and clean because it is very noticable if not. Also, I had to change the font because it was a font  middle schoolers used not real designers. I know that my slide was too plain before so I had to fix it to make the audience have interest in my new slide.

The first time I did my slide it wasn't really organized it was pictures all over the place and I thought i was doing something by slanting the pictures to make them all fit but that wasn't it at all. I tried to make my picture kind of bleed off my name but it looked tacky and sort of covered my name. The websites that i read from helped me improve my slide tremendously. I used Presentation Zen, Elements of Design Defines, and Slide Design LInk.

Remix Slide