Bringing Back Our Sleep!

In my last 2 blog posts, I had provided extra information on my topic. In my first blog post, I spoke of the importance of sleep for teenagers, as well as in my second blog post I spoke about how technology affected Sleep in teenagers. I also included interviews from some of my friends who were in my stream,  lived in other states, as well as a friend who lived in another country.

Things that have been done to spread awareness of my issue were Some websites that spoke about my issue,  me speaking to my peers about my topic, along with a few facts that I have learned about it. So I haven’t done much to spread awareness. Although I have completed my Agent of Change, I plan to spread awareness on social media, such as creating a Tumblr blog, posting it on my instagram, posting facts and helpful guides on my snapchat story, and even possibly creating a Youtube Channel specifically for ways to help you in school and everyday life.

I think these are the good ways to spread awareness, but not the best way to spread it. I understand using professional websites have great  information on the topic, but I think they could have did it in a less scientific and professional way, I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, but nowadays, Teenagers won’t really know much about this information, unless if for a school project, or that they are interested in learning about sleep.

For my Agent Of Change, I had went to my old school and did a presentation to the 7th graders there, since I knew that they will be the ones who start preparing to apply to high schools. Originally, I wanted to have a small pajama party here at SLA, but then I realized that it’s better to present to younger people who are on their way to high school, so they know what Freshman year was like for me, and how to have a great 1st year in high school. I also wanted to present to the 8th grade, but since they were preparing for their graduation I was unable to.

Here are some pictures of me presenting to the 7th grade class

When I was on my way to present, I was actually very nervous to go back to my old school. I kept thinking about backing out the last minute, but I had to keep reminding myself that it was for a great cause. Once I got there, I had a calming sense of nostalgia of being at my old school.

When I  had presented, there were a few disruptive students, but overall, the presentation was fine. I had lots of the 7th graders asking about my school, which I did answer thoroughly. The presentation lasted 40-45 minutes, which was longer than I expected.

I felt very prepared and excited for my presentation, since I had done lots of research, as well as I had practiced how to speak in front of the class, so I had written a transcript.  What I learned from this project was that my sleeping pattern changes frequently. I also learned how to be prepared for the rest of high school, which I know is something that I’ll need for the next three years of high school.

I feel like I could have presented better, since at some points I had spoken too fast or I had stumbled over my words. I wish I had more time to present, because the schoolchad a half day, which means that I didn’t really have much time to present everything.

I think what’s still left to do is to spread more awareness on social media, so that  it will be more visible to Teenagers, as well as all scholars who are on their way to high school.