Broken Glass : Ashyne Bright

Stage Directions: One a corner wait for your next client when your boss [pimp] walk up and ask for his money.

(you are talking to a client) Hi Handsome what would you like to do with me today....Oh i got to go sorry come back next time...Hi Mr.Smith...Do i have your money? im not stalling...i have it...well only 1,000, i promise i will have the other 500 in two days i promise boss please sir it will never be late again...(the boss grabs her by her arm, slaps her and now she is crying) sorry...the men aren’t really coming around...i men they are but they aren’t interested...How ?...yes sir...In two days boss i promise...yes i like my please don’t hurt my daughter PLEASE !!!...I will i promise just don’t hurt her...Yes Sir...(goes back to pulling cars) Hi Handsome what would (5 second pause)...what would you like to do to me tonight ?

Monologue :

Stage directions: 

watches your dad walk out the door after he hands you his dirty dish then walk to the kitchen to start washing the dishes from the day. [your name is maria]

(in her own head while washing the dishes) My dad so nasty, how can he just go over there and fool around with these young girls, let alone my friends may, she i the same age as me, she is only 16, how can you look at a child and want to do that to her, and then for them to be forced and not even get paid for what they are doing to them, Thailand is a horrible place for girls, i can’t believe what people do for money, my mother was a sex worker, oooooo i wish a guy would put his hands on me,...i would have....i would....i would give in, i don’t know why im standing here lying to myself. i wouldn’t do a damn thing to stop him from rapping me, he would kill me with one shot to the head for refusing, ha a girl like me has no place or high demand in these streets, i am just a toy, someones get off, no ones daughter, i am just a girl waiting for her turn to be put up for sale, the next one to be kidnapped....(father calls her)....Yes Father !

I don’t know where your wallet is...Yes Sir !....Her you go father....Okay, Breakfast will be ready in the morning when you get back father....(thinks to herself)...another girls life while be changed ! 

Monologue :

Stage directions: [ standing outside your building with a maria’s father kevin talking about what girl her wants] [ your name is Sean aka boss]

  • This is Shi. she is 17 and untouched, what do you think....of course i have younger ones...what is the ages you like....i only have three 16 yeas old and two 15 years olds in right now.....okay...Mike go get them...we have Nancy, Kim, May.....Okay May do your thing...Don’t put any brews on she is a virgin...okay you can bite...Okay Have Fun !

Monolodgue : [in a green room with paint coming of the walls talking to your friend maria’s dad kevin. you have a nervous look on your face and you are standing by the bed]

  • Please sir don’t do this...but im only 16 years old you have a daughter?....then why are you doing this?...i know your daughter..Maria ! can you come in here and have sex with someone the same age as your daughter...please just turn around and walk out the room, don’t do this sir...KEVIN PLEASE !!!....[he slaps you and you fall to the ground facing the audience. he bends over your and start speaking to you {this is where they switch of on to Kevin’s monologue}]