Brooke Thompson Senior Capstone

The purpose of this capstone work closely with Keystone Mercy Health Plan and to lean the basics of health care. As a student I was given an opportunity to shadow an implementation team as they create, develop and implement health promotions programs for the low income community.



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Mentorship Program

AmeriHealth Mercy Foundation

The purpose of this program is to provide the student with an opportunity to shadow an implementation team as they create, develop and implement health promotions programs for the low income community.
These programs have been created to address prevelent health issues in communities surrounding the 5 county areas (Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester Counties). Two programs where we would like student involvement are the Healthy Hoops Program and the Living Well Program.
Living Well Program
The AmeriHealth Mercy Foundation’s Living Well program provides overall health and wellness services to low-income, minority and underserved families across the WDAS (Philadelphia-Metro) listening area. The Living Well Program includes two Wellness Conferences, consisting of nationally known motivational speakers, disease prevention workshops (obesity, diabetes, cardio-vascular, cancer), health screenings, stress management tips, nutritious cooking classes and spa activities.

The Living Well Program offers individual health assessments and screenings (blood pressure, glucose, BMI, height, weight, mammograms and dental screenings), provided by a team of physicians and nurses.  Health assessments examine each participant's level of physical activity, diet, and other lifestyle choices.  Each participant also receives a healthy living guide, a publication featuring articles written specifically for the Living Well Program by medical experts and health professionals. The guide focuses on prevention, awareness, and education to help participants and their families make informed health decisions.
Healthy Hoops Program
The Healthy Hoops Program is an innovative asthma management program that uses basketball as a platform to teach children with asthma and their families how to manage asthma through proper nutrition, exercise, and appropriate medication use.  It also focuses on decreasing childhood obesity and increasing cardiovascular activity. Healthy Hoops was created in 2003 by KMHP, in collaboration with local health organizations (the American Lung Association, the Health Federation, Allies Against Asthma, Asthma Educators, Devmar Home Health Agency) and basketball coaches to reduce the gaps in health care for children with asthma, due to racial disparities.  Asthma is the most common chronic disease among American children.  It is especially prevalent in low-income, African American and minority populations.  Since 2003, more than 10,000 children and their family members have participated in Healthy Hoops programs nationally.

The program features basketball clinics for children taught by local and regional basketball legends, stressing appropriate exercise for children with asthma. The program also includes motivational speeches by well-known basketball, sports, television, and music celebrities. Families are provided education about asthma, stress management and nutrition classes.

Brooke Thompson will work directly with Meg Grant, Director of Community Relations, to engage in planning, preparation and implementation. Two upcoming activities include:
November 5, 2012 Bible Way Baptist Church- Living Well Program, Health Ministry Program
November 10, 2012 Healthy Hoops Mini Program in collaboration with Salvation Army
For any further detyails or information please contact Meg Grant, 215-863-5688.