Bullying-Blog #3

Hi, it’s me again, Lisa. This will be the last blog that I will be posting on bullying. In this project, there is a total of three blog posts. The first one is an informational post that had detailed one my issue, which is bullying. Also this post explains why I chose bullying as my topic. The second blog post was more about my opinions. Finally this blog post is a blog for change because now we are done with giving details about our specific issue but now we are planning to make a difference.

Like I mentioned in my last blog post, I will be announcing the results I found from my own survey. Out of twenty nine people who answered my survey, all of them believed that bullying was wrong. One of the questions asked, What do you think is the worst type of bullying.” The top answers for this question were physical, verbal, and cyber. Also a majority of the people thought that bullying affects people emotionally more than anything else. Another thing that I mentioned in the previous blog post was that there were some people who did not take things seriously.

There are many things that other people have done in the past. For example, there are several websites that allow you to sign a petition to show that you support anti-bullying. There is another website that allows you to make donations or volunteer at different events. If you feel strongly about this issue then you should donate if you want to but you should at least sign the petitions to show your support. I think that these are great ways to get more people informed but there would have to be lots of organization because bullying happens all over.

Another big part of this project is to raise awareness about our issues on our own. Something that I am planning to do to raise awareness is to print out quotes and sayings from other people about bullying and putting them up all over my school. By doing this, when students walk by, they can read it and it would make people have more awareness on my topic. I am not the only one with bullying as my topic. Some of my classmates who have the same topic as I do, also made posters and put them around the school. Since there are many posters and signs up on bullying, it would get more people to be informed. Also these blogs that I posted can also make more people attentive.

Along with raising awareness, we have to create a piece of original content. This means that we can make a video, poster and anything else that is original. For this part, I made a video with quotes and saying from normal people to celebrities. The purpose of using quotes is to show that other people about this issue.

I would like to thank all the people who helped me in my video and was will willing to be included in my video. I would also like to thank my teacher for helping and giving me feedbacks.
One person can make a difference, and that person could be you. Thank you for reading all my blogs.

Click here for my bibliography.
This is my piece of original content, which is a movie.
Click here and here to watch other videos on bullying.

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