Bureacracy Reflection

 For my bureaucracy flow chart project me and my partners looked into Social Security benefits for adults with disabilities. This is for helping people with financial pay or insurances like benefits. There was also a process into looking to get benefits for disabled children. Though it is similar to this in the process but we switched into looking into adults instead.

 The process for going about working in my group was each of taking a part. My partners worked on most of the paperwork and on researching the forms. I also researched and used what they did to creat a flow chart. While working on the chart they would review and give input to help. The paperwork we went through with our project was complex for the fact that there were many other things that are needed to fill out these forms. With out them the process can not take place.

 When working on the flow chart the one thing I would have changed would be that the process sometimes became hard. It was hard for the fact that at times certain forms couldn't be accessed without a really social security number. Others said there were things you needed from other sources which we needed to make up to complete this. I think that this complication it had though was in order to make sure people aren't abusing benefits for their own needs and wants. In the end though it was very interesting to look into and learn about.