Burger King Triple Cheeseburgers Now a Dollar!

Obesity is one of the most common things seen in the world. More than most, in America. It leaves you trapped within a seemingly endless cycle of gluttony and immobilization and can increase your risk of several cardiovascular diseases. It’s said many fat people have a big heart. (Meaning always friendly of course) Well sadly they more than likely do. Obesity can cause an enlarged heart due to muscle tissue expansion due to overworking caused by thickening blood. Nobody wants to be obese and there should be a lot more done to stop this from taking over people across the planet.


            Obesity is thought of as nothing more than just greedy people being gluts to the point where they can’t fit through their doorway. Well that is very far from the truth. A number of things can cause people to gain weight. Let’s focus on one thing that’s obvious to all people: Fast food.


            Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 50 or so years you have seen a fast food place such as McDonald’s or Burger King. These places offer great tasting food at a cheap price. All the while dominating commercials with promises of near perfect cuisine. These can attract almost anybody to scarf down as many burgers as they can. They can do all of this for cheaper prices than a head of lettuce. Which leads me into my next point: Food prices

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