Calamity's Tech Slide

This is my slide. [show slide and allow five seconds before starting] Think aloud. Just a quick background on what this means in reference to me: I’ve always been a performance-based person in a lot of different ways, which is implied by the retro microphone and the lights, but it also tells the viewer that I’m outgoing and I speak up without hesitation. As we’ve already learned for our projects, good signage has to be noticeable, understandable, memorable and influential, and that was the rubric I used to create this slide. I paid attention to specific elements such as alignment, proximity, contrast, and color.

First, the text. I made it white to contrast against the blurred and generally sepia colored background. Since the eye is traditionally lazy and is attracted to blank, empty space, I wanted the first thing that the viewer saw to be the words, think aloud, and then to the picture behind it. I made the letters evenly spaced and aligned perfectly horizontally so that it would not appear messy or confusing in any way. Very simple and neat.

Now, the image. I edited a photograph from the Internet to make it slightly more old-fashioned and hazy and to make it my own. I also didn’t want it to be distracting with too many clear, dark lines that would take away from the message. It’s extremely important that when creating glance media, everything is very obvious and only takes a moment to digest. I also wanted to make it memorable, so that it wasn’t a single word, a verb, a noun or anything along those lines. I wanted it to be unique, so I decided to make it an action/suggestion. Not only this, but it was very important that it inspired the viewer to do something, and I hope that the viewer is inspired to think aloud. This means that the viewer should not be afraid to share their ideas and thoughts with those around them. It’s a motivator!

Those are all of the glance media tactics I used to create my slide. Thank you!