Candace Blocker And Jakobi Howard NHD

Candace Blocker and Jakobi Howard
Topic: Women In The Navy

We chose this topic because we wanted to know how women got involved in the arm forces and what they had to go through to become involved. We conducted out research by going on google and asking people we knew that were apart of the movement and organizations that were taking place. We knew we wanted to do a video because it would be the best way to get our information across and clear with the topic we had. This project related to the NHD theme because we had to focus on the revolution that the women started when they wanted to join the navy, the reaction of America as a whole, and the reform of American when they finally decided to let the women join the arm forces.

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This was one of the best ones because it got straight to the point about everything that had to do with women and them being in the Navy.

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This is another website that links off to other websites that have to do with our topic which was extremely helpful.

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This website shows the history and "firsts" of women in the navy

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