Candace Blocker Capstone

My topic for this project is birth control pills and this fits into what I want to do in life because I want to be a nurse or work in a clinic and also stress the importance of birth control pills. By doing this project I hope to learn about different birth control pills and how they can affect and impact each person. This project will enable me to be able to raise awareness and the seriousness of birth control pills. By the end of this project I want to be able to open people’s eyes to birth control and the seriousness of them. The way I am going about this project is to possibly try to shadow someone who works with birth control pills and possibly interview people who are on birth control and the kind of birth control pills that they take. I was also considering doing an anonymous survey and ask who is sexually active, are they on birth control, and what kind of birth control pill they take. The reason I chose to focus on this topic was because I feel as though people don’t take birth control as serious as they should. Also, it’s so much more to sex than just a good time.     

Annotated Bib.