Student Name:
    Mabintu Donzo 
In school mentor’s name:
    Juan Gabriel Sanchez

Topic Summary:

The goal of this project was for people to learn more about their own culture and other cultures. To discover their true self, if they feel that they did not have a culture of their own, the club helped them found a culture.

Project Abstract:

For my senior project I created a Multicultural club at my school(Science Leadership Academy). It will be used to inform the students who join, about other cultures and encourage them to have an open mind when it comes to other’s races or culture. The culture club is multicultural, will be a club that will demonstrate the diversity of culture in the world. I know SLA is a very diverse school and most of us do not know about each others background or culture. This club was a good will to know about the the student you have had in your class rooms and they people you see every day in the hallways. I had four different event.

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