Student Name: Alex Johnson

Mentors: Sherilyn Morgan, Renee Searfoss

Capstone Summary:

Conducted a research project on water hyacinth; an invasive plant species from the amazon.

Project Abstract: 

Water hyacinth (WH) has caused many issues in waterways both nationally and locally. Devastating lakes, rendering them useless for commercial fishing and recreation, water hyacinth has become a growing pain in many parts of the world. The objective of this study was to examine two questions: first, is there water hyacinth present in the Delaware River? And second, how does water hyacinth impact local aquatic vegetation and specifically submerged aquatic vegetation. To study these questions, a snapshot study was preformed on the Delaware River between the Commodore Barry bridge and the Schuylkill Expressway. The study, as a snapshot, suggests no vegetative growth of WH; but evidence exists indicating the potential for its existence within the study area.

Link to Research Paper: Click Here