DuBois Stewart Capstone

My capstone is on the Colored Girls Museum and my role in it. As a young black male in america, my mother thought it was pertinent that I consider my role as black male when coming up with my room. My job as a person i the colored girls museum was to curate a room in the museum. My room was called the colored boy’s room in the colored girls museum. In this installation I decided to do a project on the communication between colored girls and colored boys.After brainstorming with my mentor and curator of the colored girls museum, I came up with what I wanted to be in my room. I emailed all of the black seniors about the project and asked to each write an anonymous letter to the opposite sex about things they wouldn’t say in person. I then printed them out and posted them on the walls in my room. I also had a part where I partnered with someone from another school who had done a project the previous year that we displayed in my room. However, they weren’t able to finish in time and outside circumstances required me to shift my role in the museum to more of a tour guide and receptionist. Through the project i learned to collaborate with people in long distance relationships, research different methods to curating, inquire about the relationship between colored girls and colored boys, presented the museum to viewers, and reflected on the process after every week’s tour.

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