Capstone - Ashton Reigner

I wrote four essays about death, fear, love, and life. These things can be defined in many different ways but I wrote about the ways I have tried to understand these concepts. I wanted to write about these things because I believe they have a big part in all of our lives. I always knew I was going to write something for my capstone but I decided to do this because I think it could help a lot of people struggling with the things I write about. The past year has taught me so much and these essays are proof. These essays got rewritten and edited more than 10 times. I wanted to make sure these essays were something I could be proud to share. Writing about these themes helped me deal with them and I think it can help others too. That’s what I care about, helping others. I want to go into psychology and social work when I’m older. I want my life to be about making the lives of others easier. So many people struggle their whole lives because of things they don’t understand, I thought that if I could just make one person happier by sharing the things I learned, it would make me happier also.