Carolina Latorre Espaol-3

Vengo de Venezuela y yo vengo de Pensilvana ahora estamos junta cantando de Roxborough en donde vivimos. De día y de noche celebramos y cantamos se vaya. Ya..ya lo sabes todo en Roxborough todos son locos. Pero ahí tiempos que todos se cambian..silenció..oscuro..las calles vacías. Pero esto es Roxborough en donde vivimos.

  • What is your refrán supposed to communicate? 
    Where we came from and how Roxborought look in our eyes.

  • What are you especially happy about with your first draft?
    I finished it and at first it sound good.

  • What would you like to improve about your refrán first draft?
    I like to change what it's suppose  to talk about. what I want it to be is the view point/difference between venezuela and philadelphia.

  • What was difficult about writing your refrán? 
    Thinking about what it will be talking about.