Chelsea Ann Smith Capstone

For my project I focused on giving back to my SLA community. SLA has given me so much and I have also lived my life by giving back. I based my Capstone off the things I learned while being a part of City Year: City Heroes Program. For my project, I painted different pieces of art work around the school to encourage positive attitudes and to beautify the school. Doing this helps students to have better attitudes and to feel more part of a community that cares. There is three final products that are located around the school. For these pieces I led groups of students in prepping and painting. Through this project I learned more time management skills and got to put my leadership skills to the test to help make the school a prettier place to be. This project also helped me to leave a permanent imprint of me and my beliefs on the school community.  

Annotated Bib:

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I used this website to help me find prices of supplies that I am going to need during my event. I also used it to get ideas of other materials I am going to need during the event. This helps give me an idea of things to get and the amount of money I need to have prepared before I walk into the store. This helps me be a smart shopper.

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I used Lowe’s website to help me find prices of supplies that I know I am going to need during my event. I used two different sites so I was able to compare prices and buy supplies from the cheaper of the two stores, this helped so I was able to spend my money wisely and stay on my budget.

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I used this site to help me get some basic art ideas that I can add into my murals that I am going to paint. This site talked about different artist and their range of styles. This helped give me different ideas to take when approaching cool art to put on the walls here at SLA.

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For this project, I talked to Pearl Jonas about how she took part in past service projects through City Year Greater Philadelphia. She worked on the Corps team for the Young Hero Program in 2008-2009. I was able to ask her questions about her experience in planning the events and ask her for advice in planning my event.

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City Year is a program that I was a part of for four years. Every skill that I am using in this project, I have learned through City Year and the time I spent in their program. They have helped me gain and sharpen these skills in a way that now I am able to do my own type of service project on my own. City Year is my main resource of instruction when it has come to planning and preparing for this event.

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This site talked a lot about different ways to paint a mutual on a wall. It gave me ideas and suggestions of ways to approach this task. This is important because I have to make sure the sketches I put on the walls are good enough to be painted in and for people at SLA to take serious in a beautification sense.

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Cheyenne is a good friend of mine, who has great artistic talent. She is going to help me create the sketches of the murals to be painted on the walls. We have sat down and talked about what these sketches should look like and what direction I am heading in by the theme of the sketches.

Utzig, M. (2013, Jan 20). Interview by C.A Smtih [Personal Interview]., SLA.

Marley is one of my best friends who has great doodling and lettering styles. Along with a mix of small murals, I am also going to be putting up a few quotes, these quotes are going to be written in different types of bubble letters. This is where Marley comes in, she is going to help me design the font and style of this quotes.

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This site has given me pointers and ideas about how to go about planning my service event. This site is a guide to planning service events. This site has touched on things that had slipped my mind and has also retouched on some things that I already knew. By the site doing this, I was able to recognize what things were super important to making this event a success.

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On the day of my service project, I am going to have a few Dig Vid students come out and film the event. They are helping me create a few minute video that is going to document the event. This is going to capture the service taking place. I am going to use this video during my presentation to show the viewers a little bit of the actual service project happening.