Chelsea Smith’s Process Paper about Littering Campaign

For my groups project we created a campaign targeting the problem of littering within the community of SLA. SLA has a huge problem with litter around the school and we really want to see this change. For this campaign we spilt up rolls so we could have many things all supporting the same idea and hit people in ever-possible angle.

My part of this project was to create a pledge that students of SLA could take. This pledge consisted of how students of SLA should be acting and treating their school, for example throwing away their trash and encouraging others to also throw away trash. The pledge was to get people to promise they will try to keep the school clean. After people pledged they signed a large piece of paper that is now hanging in front of class so other students can see that their fellow students are working towards a better and clean school and to also remind the people that did sign it that they should remain true to the pledge they promised to follow.

I also created a twitter account. This account was created to help reach out to the SLA community even more. Many students have twitter and use twitter to stay connected. It is also used as a place to go when they need an escape during class, so why not fill their feed with facts about littering. I followed many students at SLA and also asked students to follow back. On this account students have hash tagged us a few times as well as a teacher. I plan to keep this twitter going and sending tweets out so people know how things in the school are looking.

The most challenging part of this project was trying to discover what exactly would help make this campaign a success. We didn't want to pick just anything, we wanted it to speak to people and make people care and that is why I directly spoke to students here at SLA and also through a common social media site that is highly used during school hours.