Child abuse and Sexually abuse cases.

I had found a lot more then the first time. I learn about a daycare that was committing child abuse they would grab the kid and drag them to put them in different place. They would leave marks on the kid and they won't care until they were found out they got fried and sent to court for child abuse.

Then there is the McMartin Daycare case. The case was about a child that was sexually abused. The mother Judy Johnson didn't know that this was happening until one day when her son Matthew came home and said that his anus hurt him to have bowel movements, so his mother took him to a doctor, who declined to examine him.  On August 11, she examined Matthew in the morning and he seemed okay.  However, when he returned home from the preschool, she claimed, his anus was red and itchy. She began to perceive something more nefarious: She believed that Ray Buckey, the only male teacher at the school, was abusing her son. She kept on questioning her son to see if what she was thinking of was true. One day her son was playing doctor and giving people "injections," she asked Matthew if Ray had ever done that to him.  Again, he said no.  However, he did admit that Ray had taken his temperature, and then Judy Johnson jumped to the conclusion that this was a disguised form of sexual abuse.  Then she took Matthew to the doctors for a rectal examination. It was not only Matthew that was being abused but also every child his Ray's class.

The picture shown is Raymond Buckey or better known as Ray the daycare teacher that sexually abused kids.